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Here you'll find Dark twisted fantasies, where your imagination can run wild! Currently, the first three books in the Elite Warriors Series are published and available on amazon.  My page link is below.


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I've been writing as long as I can remember. Looking back, it might have been a way for me to escape. Let's suffice it to say my young life has given me experiences I wouldn't wish for anyone. Maybe it was a good thing, only in that it led me to where I am today. Writing like crazy and loving my life! Let me be honest though, I couldn't do any of this or be where I am without my tribe. They hold me up and encourage me, even when I'm just not into it.

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Warriors Worth Is the 3rd book in the Elite Warriors Series. 

When Megan is mistaken for the queen, and kidnapped, Gareth can no longer deny his instincts. She is his mate and he will do anything to ensure her safety. Her dismissal of his affections, has him completely at a loss. Rescuing her from certain death was the easy part. He was now in a fight for their future he never saw coming. 


Warriors Secret

Warriors Trust


Warriors Worth are out now.

The Fourth Book will be out winter of 2021

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