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An odd way to start

So as my oldest daughter finishes high school and our household changes to a family of three instead of four, it makes we wonder. What's next? As most of my readers often ask me. What happens next? I'm left with the answer I always give. I don't know. I'm a roll with the punches kinda of girl. I've never known what my future holds, but I usually have a gut feeling which way is best and I follow that. So with gas prices rising, and long trips put on the top shelf for now, I asked my girls, if they would mind a change in our plans. It both surprised me and saddens me to say, their answer was, we don't really care mom. That's right. the girls trip we take every year, they didn't really care if we took one or not. What an odd way to start this new chapter of our lives. we have raised our girls to be confident to be on their own. We've raised them to want adventure but also to understand the world they live in. It's such an interesting time right now and I hope I never forget it.

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