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Book Review of Ulterior Motives By Amy Hale

This book was reviewed by Bekkah Of McKayla Jade Books

Page Count {147} Date Published {2015}

Genre {Mystery, Suspense, Drama, Contemporary}


Ellie Manchester, daughter of Jacob Manchester, has had tragedy in her life. At the age of 7, she witnessed her mother’s murder. Now, her father is dead as well and it might not be an accident. Her father’s best friend and chief security officer, Ted, is concerned for her safety as the new owner of the aviation business her parents had owned. Enter Tanner Paxton, hired by Ted to keep Ellie safe, but hired against her wishes. Ted has given Pax clear orders that Ellie can not know he was hired to protect her against a blackmailer still after the business. Pax moves into the apartment across the hall from Ellie and is the new ‘security consultant’ at work Ted hired to ‘update’ their security process.

Both of these give Pax reasons to be around Ellie almost all the time, but the more he’s around her, the more concerned he is that he’s falling for his client. After several close calls on Ellie’s life, Pax is running out of time to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill her. All the clues are pointing to someone close to the Manchester family, but who? And can he figure it out before Ellie is the next victim?


A page turning, intense murder mystery thriller. Believable characters and it kept me guessing until the end as to who was truly behind it all. The characters are well developed, and the writing is well done with minimal errors. Not overly graphic with the murder or romantic scenes, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks.

{Flow} This one earned a { River } for flow. Which means it has a steady flow with twist and turns to keep you interested.

{Heat} this book earned 3 kisses. Right in the middle of the road for flamage.

Overall Rating (you would normally see this as Stars but here we do it different.)

This one earned a Whole Heart Which means 4 stars so you should really go get this book.

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