Exciting things are happening.

So it's been a minute since I wrote here. I'm so sorry. I promised to update y'all, and I haven't. I will do better going forward. So here's the exciting stuff. After I finish Warriors Honor, I am heading in a new direction and If my plans work out, (fingers crossed). So i will be starting on a new book. I don't know if it will be a series. We'll see. I have ideas for Historical Native American Westerns, Modern Western Romance, Historical western Romance, and so many more. I'm also currently working on a ghost writing project for a Historical Western Romance. So there are lots irons in the fire, but I LOVE it. I really do. I thrive on work and looming deadlines. Let me know what you want to see first. I love feedback. As the plan stands for now, I will release Warriors Honor and then my first solo Western Historical Romance. Then we'll see if I can get another Warriors book together.

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