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Helloooo weekend?

Okay okay so it's not the weekend yet, but it's close right? Maybe if you work a regular 9 to 5 type job it is, but for authors, writers and creatives, not so much, even when I say, I'm "not working" on the weekends, I always do. either I am thinking of a plot line or thinking up a new story. And that's why I do what I do. I love coming up with stories. Which is why is so disheartening when my fellow author friends are thinking of throwing in the towel. It seems like once we get one loophole or book pirate concurred, another thing pops up to take what little profit we do make from us. So let me be clear. If you are a reader and you like to read great stories, don't ever think that treating authors badly will gain you what you want. it's sad and it's heartbreaking. I will keep writing my stories and keep on keeping on, but if sales don't pick up I too will have to join that 9 to 5 work force.

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