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I got my Rights Back!!!!

I can't be more excited than i am right now. So for authors, you understand how much more freedom I will have with my books now. For you readers and fans of my work, what does this mean for you??? Well, I'm glad you asked.....deeep breath.....You get more and better content in my books AND you get them at a better price. AND when I do promo's I can include Warriors Secret. Book 1 in the Elite Warriors Series. So Never before has Warriors Secret been in the Kindle Unlimited Program. NEVER. So that will be the first thing. Next thing. I will add back into it the content the publisher felt was too risky to be included and an entire deleted chapter. That's right they made me take out an entire chapter that gave the reader a little more insight to the goings on in the world of Hawk and Cassidy. I can't wait for y'all to get this edition. We have to change the cover and tweak some Series details, but the untrained eye, may not even notice and I'm planning to use the same cover model for Hawk.

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