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It's been a while!

I know it's been a while since i've posted, so this might be a long one.

Lots of things have been going on. I'm looking into starting a newsletter. To jump on that train just let me know. As you may or may not know, I'm still waiting on my publisher to get back to me on a publish date. We are getting closer i'm told. I have been through so many edits the original manuscript i started with looks nothing like it does now. But fear not! It is soooo much better! I have learned so much in this process, no matter how long it's taken. I can see how much I've grown. That being the case, book 2 Warriors Trust should be even better than Warriors Secret. I'm waiting for the artist to email proofs for the cover, so we can get started promoting it. Then there's my YouTube channel. i now have 4 videos up and a 5th in the works. My day job is about to start back up, so my time will be limited. I'm still running the group called Authors Learning To Market Themselves. It's been a fun ride and i'm told i'm doing a great job, but man it keeps me on my toes. I also have a book out under the Linnea Fletcher Pen name. Linnea is the brain child of myself and another author who writes in another genre. It has been doing okay, but i haven't had the time to market it like i have my own book. So maybe that's why sales are lack luster. I will keep plugging away and learning this gig. I will get better as i go and hopefully it will be interesting enough that you'll follow along.

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