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Managing it ALL.

Sometimes, as I'm sure some of you can relate, life gets away from us. It's happens to the best of us. I am no different. There were days when my kids were little that I promised myself I would stop being so unorganized and I would remember all the important things. Yeah, keep dreaming. I'm lucky if I remember to take everything I need with me to work everyday. So keeping up with my newsletter has been a challenge to say the least, but i made a promise to my reads to get it done, once a month, if for no other reason than to update you on places i'll be.

I love meeting you all in person and face to face. So if you haven't already, please sign up for my newsletter and come find me. I'm trying to convert most of my things and happenings to YouTube, where I have more freedom to showcase what I want without misunderstandings from the FB bots. Like recently when I told a friend I was going to beat him in our competition and FB called that abusive language. (eye roll). So if you haven't noticed already YouTube is the place to find me. I have missed the deadline I gave myself on my newsletter, but that's okay. I won't miss this month. This Friday I will be hosting another tidbits and scribbles on my YouTube channel and I won't miss that either.

I am determined to get it done. Get it right and help other creatives get things going in the right direction. Follow me and lets see where this ride takes us.

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