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Monday Monday

So here it is Monday again and some of you might be draggin yourselves out of bed, some of you might be just getting to bed as i type this. Which ever you that is, Hello. For me, I'm heading out the door to take my youngest kid to her part time job at a barn. Nothin like shoveling shit to make you grateful for the money you earn. lol. While she spends a couple hours cleaning the barn, i get a chance to write. This is where you come in. I would be grateful for every review you could give me. So while I write Warriors Honor and give you delicious teasers, I need you to read and reviews the others in the series. Tell me, did you like Megan as a female lead? Is Cassidy a badass, like I hoped she came across to you? Are my warriors sexy? badass? boring? intriguing? not intriguing enough? These are the things i look for in reviews. Make my Monday better, by letting me know.

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