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So I've missed a couple of these post. I'm sorry about that. It's been a bit nuts around here with trying to get Warriors Honor formatted just right and all the extras added to the book, like legal mumbo jumbo and dedications. It's done now though and you can preorder it from amazon. I'll even give you a link. So as you can guess, I don't need any more motivation than that. That's exciting all by itself.

Here's the next thing though.

On my YouTube channel I will have a contest to see which book i will publish next. Book 5 in the Elite Warriors, Or Book 1 of a new series?

Either way, one of them will be published along with several ghost writing projects and another new series from myself and a friend. I might have mentioned her. Lynda J. Cox and I will be starting a new series but I can't talk about it just yet. stay tuned.

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