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New and interesting ideas are in the works.

So lately, I've been working very hard to get lots of things done. There's the day job that keeps my summertime busy. This past month, found me at penned conn in st. louis, where I

met people I had only met on facebook. I bought a bunch of new books from one of my favorite authors, Amy Hale. You should check out her work. She's a very talented author. Doing some networking I met a couple of new people. And all of this networking and such has brought me to a very interesting conclusion. I love helping people. I love fixing problems. So thoughts have crossed my mind of trying to become a "Marketing guru" of sorts. Marketing is where I sink my teeth in and won't let go. I love it and I love learning new things. Along with all this. I think my tribe and I have hit on the title for book one. It will be called Warrior's Secret.

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