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Plans were made. Things happened.

Hey there. It's been a minute and as you know by now, I can't keep this thing updated daily no matter how hard I try. So here's to hoping at least weekly. Fingers crossed. So what happened. Well, as you know, I've had to resort to getting a day job. Just a part time one, but that leaves me little to no time to write this blog or advertise my books to anyone other than people I might meet in passing. So, I hired a lady to do that stuff for me. Or most of it. Dee Dulas, as you'll see in my readers group, has taken on the mission. Together she and I are going to try every way we know how to boost my sales and get me back home where I can Write FULLTIME. So keep your eyes peeled. tell your friends and leave me a review if you would be so kind.

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