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Review of Controlled Burn By Lynda J. Cox

This review was done by Julie of McKayla Jade Books

{Page count 350} {Published 2019}

{Genre} Western Romance


10 yrs after AJ and Alli meet on a train (in Smolder on a Slow Burn), they are married with two children, running a cattle ranch together with AJ also serving as the town judge. The story starts off fast with the horrible man from their past kidnapping the kids, and then Alli, to draw AJ to his certain death. Instead, during their rescue, Alli is injured leaving her blind and with no memories of the last 12 years. How will AJ convince Alli that they are meant to be together? Will Alli regain her sight and memories? What will they do when a young girl who is "soiled" needs help?


I loved the continued character development and the new characters that entered the story. I loved how even blind, Alli was still a strong female character. The beginning of the book felt rushed compared to the rest of the book; which, I get allowed for our heroine to get injured - the major plot point of the story. The steamy parts would get started and fizzle out before they got good too many times that it left me wanting more romance.

For the technical parts;

{Grammar} Practically perfect - nothing stood out to me. Earning this book 5 Quills

{Flow} This books earned a RIVER for flow. The beginning of the story was very fast paced. The story slowed down after the main character was injured but the story’s plot pace continued steady. Never a dull moment.

{Romance Heat Level} This book earned 1 Kiss. There was a lot of teasing in this book. The steam would just get started and then fizzle out. The plot was a key aspect of this, but it didn’t keep me from wanting more!

Check it out for yourself here.

Along with her author Page

Or her website

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