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So it's all finally come together.

That's right! i could not be more excited! I have finally built a team of fantastic individuals and put together Mckayla Jade Books LLC. What this means for you the reader, is that right here on McKayla Jade dot com you will find the best books and some not so best books, but you'll know what we like and why we like it. The team of reviewers right now, is small but mighty. We love our books and we show it. If you're an author, please feel free to submit your book. They do not have to be new releases. we aren't that picky, because we don't care when a book was published. Bi-annually we will pick the favorites from the piles we've read and let you the reader decide if we made good choices. Follow along and stay tuned, there will be times for you the reader to make your voices heard. That's right, you'll get to vote too. Also, let us know about the books you've read and loved! Have you read one you think we need to read? Let us know and we'll put it on our TBR list. Speaking of the TBR list, ours will be on our website. this one right here and our goodreads profile. Stay tuned for book tober. we will have prize packs and games and a whole lot of fun!

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