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Strange and wonderful things

As women most of us struggle with weight. Some want to be skinny. some wish they could gain weight. Still others are somewhere in the middle and comfy with who they are and what the weigh. I'm somewhere on the spectrum? I guess you could say. I don't worry too much about my weight, but i worry more so about my health and for years now, I've struggled with figuring out what was wrong. Long story short, I've had problems with my ovaries most of my life which lead to other problems. So doctor appointment after doctor appoint lead to nothing, zilch, Nadda. no-one could figure out just what was wrong with me. My lower abdomen hurt, all the time and monthly cycles were the worst. Like knocking me completely down and out. Then thankfully I had a double mammogram at the order of a doctor because i was having terrible pain in my breast. Like sharp stabbing pain. Happy news! No breast cancer found and at the age of 32 I then had a great baseline mammogram in case it was ever needed to compare to. Great. So that still didn't tell me why i was having sharp stabbing pain in the center of my breast. the doctor set down her paperwork folder and asked me how many caffeinated drinks i consumed in a day. At the time I was drinking mt. dew by the case by the day. That's right i told her. About a case every couple days. Plus the ones it'd stop and get at the gas stations. the doctor was shocked. A case every day, she asked? Yep. So to be clear she said, 12 -12oz cans. Oh no, I told her. 24 12 oz cans in a couple days.

So yeah. right there her jaw dropped and she didn't say anything for a moment. I knew i was in trouble. I knew right then we'd found the cause of my pain, so i sheepishly asked. Does this mean you want the one in my purse? That's right. I had a 24 oz bottle of mt. dew i had just bought at the gas station to take with me to this appointment. Her eyebrows rose and she gaped at me. You have one in your purse? She shook her head as i pulled it out and handed it to her. Much to my shock, she threw it in the trash and told me. Half my health problems would go away if i quit drinking it. So i did. Ok. so no caffeine. I could do this. Then a couple years later, i was back to having pain in my lower abdomen, there still didn't seem to be a reason. and one doctor would do all the test they could think of with little to no result. I finally gave up, and started researching all over body health and just what I was eating. It turns out a lot of what I was eating was really junk food and starch. I love Potato's! Doesn't matter what form either. I love 'em!

So another doctor appointment and nothing could be solved. I Gave UP. y'all. It sucks when test after test comes back and tells you, you are absolutely fine. My gut literally said, "No you're not."

So back to the research. I can't do diets. Never could stick with anything. So I went back to what had worked for my husband and I years ago. All we could promise was to try to do better tomorrow than we did today. So thus began this journey of an all meat diet. I cut out absolutely everything that wasn't good for me and only ate stuff I knew where it came from. In a couple days I was feeling better and the bathroom and I were seeing less and less of each other. That was a great feeling. Then I realized something even better than that. I don't hurt anymore. I don't have constant pain in my gut and would you look at that, my monthly cycles are back. I hadn't seen them in a few months. (no i can't get pregnant). lol There is another side effect to eating this way. I've lost about 30 pounds and it hasn't dropped fast. It's been a few pounds a week. a slow gradual process.

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