things falling through

Hi I hope its a good morning for you. This morning for me, is blah. only because my master/husband shared his sinus cold with me. he's awesome i know. That means i will be resting in bed for most of the day, but if you've seen my social media post, you know, even a migraine can't keep me from writing. I'm so excited about these next couple books coming out, I can't stop writing for even a day. I can't wait for you all to read, Warriors Honor. Nicole has kicked ass all her life, but this battle will be her most important yet. Then I'm on to a different thing. I'm going to get my modern western into print. don't worry, even though its a new genre, there will still be those cliff hangers and twist you all love. I can't write a story without them. So i will take a slow day, but there is no rest for the wicked, I will not take a day off. I can't. this stuff is so much fun.

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