To those I need to thank.

Updated: May 2, 2019

So now that i have a minute to myself and before summer hits. And my life gets crazy, let me take a moment or several to thank all those who have helped me thus far.

First and foremost.

Lacey - Who first read my book and asked why the hell it wasn't published. Since then she has been my constant cheerleader and brainstorming pal. Even though, she has had her share of stumbling blocks just recently. She is never more than a text away when i need to brain storm, vent or just gossip.

Becky- Who is an editor beyond compare. She ask all the right questions and reads and re-reads my work until i'm sure she's sick of it. Not to mention She has struggles of her own. She's never turned down my work, or told me to take a hike. She is of the same opinion as Lacey. Why the hell isn't this book published?!

Crystal- Who is there when i text with crazy questions and after reading my book asked the same questions Lacey and Becky asked. Why the hell isn't this published?

Lynda - where to start. I met Lynda at a book signing in peoria illinois and since then she had been a mentor and cheerleader. I would not have gotten this far without her help and guidance.

There are so many others i have met now that i have made up my mind to publish this book and it's series. I kick myself everyday wishing i had started this sooner. I wish i had believed in myself enough to follow my dreams sooner.

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