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No kidding. I love Mondays. Weird? Maybe. But I challenge you to look at Mondays differently. When you think of Fridays, you think, wow I can't wait. or when Friday gets here I'm going to kick my boots off and relax. So why should Monday be any different? If you say the same things about Monday as you say about Friday, wouldn't that make Mondays all that much better? Try this; I can't wait to start a new week fresh and ready to go. Monday at the office is my time to get things organized and on track. I have a list of things I'd like to get done this week, and Monday is the first day I'll have to get started. Then think of all the ways that changes things. are you ready to get out of bed or do you hit the snooze? Ask yourself; Do I need to change my routine so Monday morning isn't so hard? Do I need to change my attitude so Monday seems brighter? Just one little thing can change your whole day.

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