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A new realm, where the promise of acceptance and safety is all but guaranteed shouldn't come with the threat of killing his soul mate. If the beast inside him rises up against her, will he have the power to stop it? Hawk's desire to protect his mate could be the very thing that rips his kingdom and more importantly his own soul to shreds. He will take drastic measures to never let that happen.
Cassidy could fight alongside her king and soulmate, but it didn't feel as if it were enough, until he sees her as an equal. When black magic threatens to take over Hawk’s soul, even the ability to stand at his side is taken from her. If he cannot control the beast inside, she would be forced to fight it alone. Unless that murderous impulse within Hawk is controlled, everything they have fought for and cherish will be stripped away and destroyed--their kingdom, their peace, and each other.

Signed Copy of Warriors Trust

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